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This track is dedicated to a happy and slightly confused bar full of people (at the back room of Clinton's, in Toronto) who had lots of answers for us. We asked, "We'd like to write about a room. What's in this room?" Fortunately, the answer we chose at random, "The Mexican wartfrog (He's super good at quacking)", actually fit the question.

Then we made it a hip-hop slow groove, added some Lewis Carroll and fake Latin, and clapped our hands 'til the music came out.


(What can I say? Ah... welcome home.)
So this is my mansion, boy. Do you like the chandeliers?
I got lots of food and drink and sweet perfumes, yeah I hope you'll like it here
Go get comfortable, boy, you can make yourself at home
There's a big luscious room prepared for you, it's a place you can call your own
It's where I keep a lot of lovely boys and girls, just like you
I'll feed you regularly and make sure you get your exercise, too
You'll get a beautiful brand new cage here, and I hope you find it cozy
You're gonna be the centerpiece of my menagerie

You're my Mexican Wartfrog
It's written on that sign
When you quack-quack-quack-quack-quack
I nearly lose my mind

Ooh, verruca Mexicanus
You and me we're gonna be famous
All these other animals and you and me
Living here in my menagerie

Look around at your neighbours, boy, I got lots of lovely little sweeties
Ooh, I could be put in jail for housin' all of these endangered species
I'm pretty sure the world believes these little butterflies have gone extinct
Well, they just had some brand new baby caterpillars -- so whatcha think?
Oh, I got Boojum birds and Dodo birds and Snipes and unicorns and Bandersnatches
I think this egg's got a dinosaur inside, but I won't know until it hatches
There's a giant squid in my aquarium, and it's best friends with my Kraken
Ooh, boy, my zoo is almost perfect, but you can make that happen

I got babies with teeth the size of my arm, and ones with seventy eyes
Oh, but of all the crazy little fauna, you're my golden prize

Ooh, verruca Mexicanus
You and me we're gonna be famous
All these other animals and you and me
Living here in my menagerie


from Crankbox Obeys Collection 1, released July 15, 2013
Songwriting: Dylan Hillyer + Reed Stevens
Dylan Hillyer - lead vocal, djembe, hand claps
Reed Stevens - synthesizers, bass guitar, hand claps, production/mastering



all rights reserved


Crankbox Toronto, Ontario

We are a songwriting duo from Toronto. We write songs every week and post them on our blog. Every so often, we collect those songs here, so you can download the best ones and listen to them wherever you like.

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