Player, Goodbye

from by Crankbox

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We asked our audience about something they couldn't enjoy anymore, and the response we got was "Earthworm Jim". Accordingly, we wrote this groovy little tune that borrows heavily from Tommy Tallarico's heavy synth-rock soundtracks, alternating with a mournful folk-style verse that fits as much EWJ lore as we can manage. Here's our version of Earthworm Jim waving to a player he knows he won't see again.


The last bullet has been fired, the last bubble has been blown
We were always single player, now we're really on our own
And I'd love to just Continue, but pal, you know I know
We've opened up this can of worms, and now I have to go
Those Shiny, spinning atoms, they will shine and spin no more
And the lives we led as Playmates are just memories of before
Well, I know the golden rule: Leave 'em screaming "What the Heck?!"
As you float softly away on your spinning, prehensile neck

Player, Goodbye

Remember when you helped me launch a cow into the air? And re-
Member the time I became a blind cave salamander?
The good times may be past now, but that doesn't mean they're dead
Just ask Psy-Crow, or Professor Monkey-For-A-Head
We've been underneath the ocean and through vortexes in space
We've run across the bacon on some giant monster's plates
Yeah, we've had a groovy run, kid; we're almost out of time
Before I go, Pete sends his love, these days he's doing fine

Player, Goodbye


from Crankbox Obeys Collection 1, released July 15, 2013
Songwriting: Dylan Hillyer + Reed Stevens
Dylan Hillyer - lead vocal, synthesizer
Reed Stevens - electric bass, acoustic guitar, drum machine programming, synthesizer programming, hand drum, production/mastering



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Crankbox Toronto, Ontario

We are a songwriting duo from Toronto. We write songs every week and post them on our blog. Every so often, we collect those songs here, so you can download the best ones and listen to them wherever you like.

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